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1. Informal term, popular in the 1930s and 1940s, for a young woman or girl . Implies a small, very feminine , demure , quiet or timid person who invites being cuddled. Also, one's wife or girlfriend .

QUOTES: The Garbage Man (Allen Jenkins) to the professors in Ball of Fire (1941): 'I could use a bundle of scratch right now on account I met me a mouse last week. What a pair of gams . A little in, a little out , and a little more out .' Also: 'The mouse is the dish . That's what I need the moula for. We'll be stepping me and the smooch ... I mean dish ... I mean mouse .'

2. Slang term for penis . See penis for synonyms.


(1) To Matthew Broderick in The Night We Never Met (1993): ' Lisa leads you by the mouse .'

(2) Internet slogan: ' Let your mouse run wild .'

3. In UK prostitution jargon, to blackmail a customer.

4. A sanitary pad or tampon.

5. A bite mark on the skin , usually the neck , cause by sucking.

6. A black eye .

See Also: cotton pony, dish, Mickey, mouse, mousetrap, tit, world wide wank

Quotes Containing mouse:
Violet (Lily Tomlin) to Dora Lee (Dolly Parton) and Judy (Jane Fonda) in 9-to-5 (1981): ''What are you? A man or a mouse? I mean, a woman or a wouse?''
Philippe ''The Mouse'' Gaston (Matthew Broderick) to the enchanted Isabeau d''Anjou (Michelle Pfeiffer) in Ladyhawke (1985) - Philippe: ''Are you flesh or are you spirit?'' - Isabeau:''I am sorrow.''
Jodie Dallas (Billy Crystal) and Jessica Gatling Tate (Katherine Helmond) confusing Plato (the Greek philosopher) with Pluto (thecartoon dog) in the TV series Soap (1977): - Jodie: ''Plato was gay .'' - Jessica: ''Mickey Mouse''s dog was gay?!'' - Jodie: ''Goofy was his lover .''

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