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1. To seize or grip with the teeth .


(1) Eugenia Lampert (Audrey Hepburn) inviting Peter Joshua (Cary Grant) in her room in Charade (1963): ' I don't bite you know ... unless it's called for. '

(2) Matthew Hollis (Michael Caine) and Jennifer Lyons (Michelle Johnson) Blame It on Rio (1984):
-- Matthew: ' Kiss you? I oughta spank you! '
-- Jennifer: ' Oh, please, and bite me too .'

(3) Austin (Mike Myers) to Vanessa (Elizabeth Hurley) in Austin Powers (1998): ' I won't bite... hard '

2. The vagina . Captain Francis Grose defined this word in Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue (1811) as: ' A woman's-privities . The cull wapt the mort's bite; the fellow enjoyed the wench heartily .' See vagina for synonyms. See also: vagina-dentata .

3. A cheat . To put the bite on , to cheat on .

4. In anal-copulation , to relax and contract the sphincter muscle of the anus .
Synonyms: snap (it); clamp-it-silly .
See also: biting-dog ; snapping-pussy ; snapping-turtle .

See Also: a bit of all right, a bit of alright, a bit of beef, a bit of crumpet, a bit of fun, a bit of nifty, a bit of nookey, a bit of rumpty-tumpty, a bit of rumpy-bumpy, a bit of rumpy-pumpy, a bit of stiff, a bit of stuff, a bit on the side, a piece of stuff, alright, anaclisis, anaclitism, autophagy, bark, best piece, bit, bit of all right, bit of alright, bit of fluff, bit of nifty, bit of nookey, bit of rumpty-tumpty, bit of rumpy-bumpy, bit of rumpy-pumpy, bit of stiff, bit on the fork, bit on the side, bite, bite me!, bite my weinie, Bite of the Boar, bite the crank, biting, biting daddy, biting dog, biting kiss, bitten, blood sports, blow me!, bollocks, bouncy-bouncy, brank, Broken Cloud, cat-fighting, cheek bite, chunk, clamp it silly, crackling, crumpet, dermagraphism, do a nifty, fab, far gone, fluff, food metaphor, fork, get a crumpet, grostulation, hard hit, have a bit of crumpet, have a bit of fork, have a bit on the fork, heck bite, hecklace, hickey, Hidden Bite, hole it, jam, juicy, kiss bite, kissonyms, Line of Jewels, love bite, molly, monkey bite, monogamous, monogamy, movie rating system, navy cake, nifty, peach, piece of skirt, piece of stuff, pintle-fancier, pintle-maid, pintle-merchant, pintle-monger, pintle-ranger, pintle-twister, Purple Heart, rumpty-tumpty, rumpy-bumpy, rumpy-pumpy, scarf (up), scolds bridle, self-cannibalism, shag tags, shit on a stick, skirt, slap and tickle, sloppy seconds, snap it, snapping pussy, snapping turtle, spank, strawberry kiss, suckers, switched-on, Swollen Bite, tib, tidbits, tit, tit-bits, titbit(s), vampire, vampire sex, vampirism, willing tit,

Quotes Containing bite:
''I''m going out for a bite to drink.'' Count Vladimir Dracula (George Hamilton) in Love at First Bite (1979)
'I've got oysters and champagne in the fridge. Why don't you come in for a bite .' The Countess to James Bond (Sean Connery) in For Your Eyes Only (1981)
Sung by Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953): 'When love goes wrong, nothing goes right. Bees won't buzz , fish won't bite , clock won't strike, a match won't light .'
Rose (Laura Dern) to Buddy (Lukas Haas) in Rambling Rose (1991): 'Sex don't mean a thing to me, Buddy. It ain't nothing but a mosquito bite . Buddy, I'm gonna tell you a secret. Girls don't want sex , girls want love .'
Carbo (Jan-Michael Vincent) and Luke Matthews (James Coburn) in Bite the Bullet (1975): - Carbo: 'When a woman does it for money ...' - Luke: 'The man always gets the best of the bargain. Before you take her to bed , she's a thing of beauty ; in bed , an angel of mercy; and afterwards, she's a...' - Carbo: 'A whore ...' - Luke: '...a pillow of peace.'
Honey (Sally Kirkland) and Rosie (Jean Willis) about Buffalo Bill Cody in Bite the Bullet (1975): - Honey: ''Wasn''t he the fastest gun in the West?'' - Rosie: ''Only in bed , kiddo.''
Delilah Lee (Betty Grable) in Meet Me After the Show (1951) said: 'Take your fingers out of your mouth , buster , and speak up . I wouldn't bite you... even if you appealed to me.'
Matthew Hollis (Michael Caine) and Jennifer Lyons (Michelle Johnson) Blame It on Rio (1984): - Matthew: ''Kiss you? I oughta spank you!'' - Jennifer: ''Oh, please, and bite me too.''
Eugenia Lampert (Audrey Hepburn) inviting Peter Joshua (Cary Grant) in her room in Charade (1963): ''I don''t bite you know ... unless it''s called for.''
''She turns over, peels off them orange pants, spreads her legs real wide and says to me: take a bite of peach!'' Sailor Ripley (Nicolas Cage) in Wild at Heart (1990)
''Excuse me, my dear, could I interest you in a little bite .'' Grandpa (Al Lewis), the vampire , offering lunch (his or hers?) to a young lady in The Munsters'' Revenge (1981)
Matthew Hollis (Michael Caine) and Jennifer Lyons (Michelle Johnson) Blame It on Rio (1984) - Matthew: ''Kiss you!? I ought to spank you!'' - Jennifer:''Oh, please, and bite me too.''
''I won''t bite ... hard.'' Austin Powers (Mike Myers) to Vanessa Kensington (Elizabeth Hurley) in Austin Powers (1998)
''Sex don''t mean a thing to me, Buddy. It ain''t nothing but a mosquito bite . (...) Buddy, I''m gonna tell you a secret. Girls don''t want sex , girls want love .'' Rose (Laura Dern) to Buddy (Lukas Haas) in Rambling Rose (1991)

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