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mouth love:

Or: mouthlove , a euphemism for oral-sex , stimulation of the genitals with the mouth and tongue . CAUTION: Oral sex between disease-free people is not risky. Although oral-sex was, until resently, considered a low risk activity for getting HIV (USA Today (Feb. 2, 2000) a recent study shows that as many as 8% of new HIV infections in gay men result from performing oral sex) other STDs such as syphilis , gonorrhea , herpes 2 that can be transmitted. Since HIV may be contained in the seminal and vaginal fluids of an HIV-infected person, protection in the form of a latex-condom with spermicide (preferably nonoxynol-9 which kills HIV) is recommended for fellatio and a dental-dam or latex barrier should be used for cunnilingus . It isn't easy for HIV to get-into the bloodstream through the mouth unless that the mouth contains cuts , sores, or recent dental work . No cases have been reported yet of people being infected with HIV by having oral-sex performed on them.

SYNONYMS: buccal-onanism ; buccal-intercourse ; coitus-in-ore ; coitus-oralis ; DSL ; French arts (culture, job , kiss , lessons, love , sex , tricks, way), French-head-job ; Frenching ; labiate ; mouth-genital-sex ; oragenital-sex ; oral-coitus ; oral-copulation ; oral-eroticism ; oral-genital-sex ; oral-genitalism (oralgenitalism); oral-intercourse , oral-job ; oral-service ; oral-sex ; oral-stimulation ; oral-titillation ; oralism ; orogenital-sex ; orogenitalism ; orolabial-stimulation . Slang and euphemisms: eat ; face-fucking ; French (art(s), culture(s), job , lessons, love , sex , tricks, way); gam ; gamahuche ; get-down ; give-face (a blow-job , a face-job , good head , head , skull); go-for-sushi ; go-down on (and do tricks); go-south ; head (job); kiss-it-(down) ; kneel-at-the-altar ; larro ; lay-the-lip ; orbit ; make-mouth-music ; mouth-job ; mouth-music ; munch ; picnic-on-it ; play-mouth-music , sit-on-a-face ; speak Low genitalese; swing-low ; tongue-fuck ; tongue-sushi ; tongue-wash .

SEE ALSO: cunnilingus ; fellatio .

See Also: a2m, ache for, affaire d'amour, agape, agapism, all shaky-shivery, Amantium irae, amoris integratio est, amatory, amatory pleasures, amor sui, Amor vincit omnia, amorous, amour fou, amour socratique, aperture, ass-to-mouth, attachment, bark, barndoor, batty about, bazoo, be crazy about, be cuckoo over, be gone on, be goofy about, be hot for, be infatuated with, be swept off one's feet, billy-doo, Binaca blast, blab, blabber, blind love, blubber, Bohemian love, bone box, box of dominos, box of ivories, box of worries, box tonsils, broadcaster, brotherly love, cake hole, calf love, caritas, carry a torch, carry the torch, carrying a torch, cause of causes, china closet, chirper, clack box, clam, clam shell, clam trap, cock mouth gag, con amore, contrectophilia, cracked on, crater, Cupid dances on his/her eyelids, Cupids cramp, dead nuts on, deep kiss, dentures, dip south, dizzy over, eat seafood, eternal wound, the, exchange spit(s), exchanging loads, face hole, fag hole, fall in a big way, fall in love (with), fancy lip-service, far gone on, far goner, fed at both ends, feel that way, fill one with come, fish trap, fling, flip over for, frenulum of the tongue, funnel, gab, garbage can, gargle it, gate mouth, gin lane, gin trap, give tonsil-lectomy, go overboard, gob, gob box, gobbler, god of love, gone case, goo-goo eyes, gooey over, goofy, grande passion, grub box, grub trap, grubbery, gum it, have affection for, have one's heart doing back flips, have one's heart doing flip-flips, have that funny feeling, have the miseries, have the tremors, he-blow, heart-stricken, hopper, hose job, in deep, in love, in the throes of (love), intake, ivory box, ivory rinse, jockwarmer, kiss of life, kiss trap, kissing tackle, kissing trap, knobble, laughing gear, lawnmower, lose one's heart, love, love drink, love's fruits, love-god, loveless, lovesick, make mouth music, mal d'amour, miseries, the, moon-eyed, moonstruck, moony about, moony for, moony over, mousehole, moustache ride, mouth job, mouth wrestle, mouth wrestling, mouthlove, mummer, mush, muzzle, new south, noisy cavity, north and south, nose to hose, oragenital sex, oral coitus, oral copulation, oral eroticism, oral intercourse, oral sex, oral stimulation, oral-genital sex, oralism, orogenital sex, orolabial stimulation, pass secrets, perpetual emotion, philophobia, philter, Platonic love, play mouth music, potato trap, prattle box, prattler, rat-hole, rat-trap, ratchet-jaw, ratchet-mouth, rattler, rattletrap, roses and raptures, satchel mouth, satchmo, sauce-box, set one's cap for, sexlove, Si vis amari, ama, silly about, smack in the puss, smacker, smiler, smush, snowball, snowballing, snowdropping, softening of the hearters, soul kissing, southern love, spitter, spoke-box, suck face, suck-hole, sunny south, swab the tonsils, swallow the pipe, swap spit, swept off one's feet, T.L.C., taken with, talk box, talk trap, tater trap, tenth word in a telegram, thanatophilia, that certain gleam in one's eyes, three-ring circus, throw the tongue, tip the velvet, tongue kissing, tongue wrestle, tongue wrestling, torch carrier, trade spit, trap, triangle, triple treat queen, twirl, ultimate insult, the, undertaker, voomish, wacky about, wet kissing, White Russian, word hole, Yankees yawn, yap, yapper, zoophilist

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