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baths, the:

In gay terminology, a commercial bath-house used for cruising and, in some instances, for group-sex .
See also: Bathsheba ; Our-lady-of-the-vapor(s) .
See Also: ablutolagnia, ablutophilia, ablutophobia, ablutoskepsis, anaclisis, anaclitism, antaphrodisiac, bagnio, bath house, bathing beauty, baths, the, Bathsheba, bikini, bread, buff-light, church, clean sex, coitobalnism, den (of sin), do the grand tour, flesh factory, grand tour, hummums, hygiene hall, jelly, jump bones, metophilia, orgy room, Our lady of the vapor(s), P.T.A., party girl, pig room, privy parts, skin room, spit bath, thing, three B's, tongue bath, trichomoniasis, trip around the world, tubs, vaginitis, wedgy

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