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closet, the:

1. The place where some homosexual men and women hide , figuratively speaking, their sexual-orientation .
See also: come-out-of-the-closet ; stay-in-the-closet ; wear-a-mourning-veil .

2. To conceal one's homosexuality to oneself and/or to others. Synonym: in-the-closet . Come out of the closet means to acknowledge one's homosexuality , to come to terms with one's sexual-orientation and to live true to one's sexuality.

3. To refuse to associate with known homosexuals for fear of being discovered.


(1) Franky/Francesca (Ione Skye) to her gay cousin who lied to his father about having a girlfriend in Dream for an Insomniac (1999): ' Is it a little stuffy in that closet there, Roberto? '

(2) Graffiti or slogan: ' The closet is an awful place to die .'

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