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detumescence of the penis:

Or: penile-detumescence , the return of an erect penis to its natural (flaccid) state and size after ejaculation . Reduction of engorgement (vasocongestion) in the erectile tissues of the penis occurs within a few minutes.
See also: detumescence-of-the-clitoris .

Quote: Rebecca (Lori Petty) in Tank Girl (1994): ' It's been swell, but the swelling's gone down .'

See Also: autopederasty, autopedication, break a lance with, break a peter on, bring down (by hand), clitoral detumescence, come-down, cure the horn, detumescence, detumescence of the clitoris, detumescence of the penis, lose the last round, penile detumescence, take down (by hand), take the starch out of

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