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do it:

1. To copulate . See copulation for synonyms. A Shakespearean euphemism still popular today. Quotes:

(1) Quote: Lawrence Paros, The Erotic Tongue (1984): ' Doctors do IT with patience / Lawyers do IT briefly / Accountants do IT figuratively / Publishers do IT periodically / Dante did IT divinely / Marx did IT in a revolting fashion / Michaelangelo did IT on the ceiling / Moses did IT on the rush / Sinatra did IT my way .'

(2) The Beatles: ' Why dont we do it in the road?

(3) Let's Do It by Cole Porter (1928): ' Birds do it ... Let's fell in-love .'

(4) Paul (John Malkovich) in Shadows and Fog (1992): ' I never do it with a whore . You start out with a burning desire and you end up in the morning with a burning sensation, if you know what I mean .'

(5) Molly McKenna (Frances Fisher) to Sergeant Mike Pamer (Bruce Weitz) in Molly & Gina (1994): ' I'd rather do it with Donald Duck .'

(6) Pino (Anthony de Sando) and a lesbian in Kiss Me Guido (1998):
-- Pino: ' You're a lesbian? (...) You like girls? That's cool , me too, but you have no desire to do it with a guy? '
-- Lesbian: ' Do you? '
-- Pino: ' That's disgusting! '
-- Lesbian: ' Exactly .'

2. To get married . See marriage for synonyms.

See Also: algophily, bombosity, BTDT, come-fuck-me-pumps, doing handiwork, doing it, doing the thang, fuck-me pumps, heavens above, shrubbery, tough shit!, tough titties!

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