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in love with:

Enamored of; infatuated with. See love for synonyms.
Synonyms: a case of spoons with, a-soft-spot-for, ache-for, adulate, aflutter-over, all a dither, all a flutter, all-aflutter-over, all-aquiver-over, all-for, all fussed up about, all pepped up about, all pitapat over, all smoked up about / over, all steamed up about / over, attracted to, batty about / for, be-captivated-by, be-crazy-about, be-cuckoo-over, be-enchanted-by, be-fascinated-by, be-gone-on, be-gooey-about, be-hot-for, be-infatuated-with, be-mad-about, be-mooney-for, be-nuts-about, be-soft-on, be-stuck-on, be-sweet-on, be-taken-with, beguin, break-out-in-a-rash-over, burn-up-over, care for (someone) in a big way, care for (someone) in a huge way, carry a/the torch for, carry-flaming-embers-for, case of spoons, cotton-to, covet, cracked-on, crave, crazy-about, crush, cuckoo-over, Cupid-dances-on-his/her-eyelids, daft-about, dead-nuts-on, dead set on, dizzy-over, drool-over, fall-for, fall-for-(someone)-in-a-big-way, fall-for-like-a-ton-of-bricks, fall for like a load of bricks, fall-hard-for, fall-head-over-heels-for, fancy, far-gone-on, feel-funny-about, flip-over-for, fond-of, form-an-attachment, (a) fool for, go-for, go-for-in-a-big-way, go-for-plenty, go-for-with-both-feet, gone-on, gooey-about, goofy-about, googly-eyed-over, groove-on, hanker after / for, have-a-beguin-for, have-a-crush-on, have-a-heart-throb-for, have a heat on for, have a pash for, have-a-passion-for, have-a-soft-spot-for, have-a-thing-for, have-a-yearning-for, have-a-yen-for, have-affection-for, have-an-itch-for, have-eyes-for, have-it-bad, have-hot-nuts-for, have-hot-pants-for, have-one-on-the-brain, have-one's-heart-doing-back-flips, have-one's-heart-doing-flip-flips, have-one's-heart-flip-flop, have-one's-heart-go-pitapat, have-one's-heart-go-pitter-patter, have-that-funny-feeling, have-the-heebie-jeebies-for, have-the-hots-for, head-over-heels in love with, heavy-crush, hold-dear, hold-in-affection, hold-in-high-esteem, hold-in-high-regard, honk-for, hooked, hot about / after / for, hunger-for, hurt-for, hurting for, idolize, in a heat over, in-love-with, in-need-of, infatuated (with), itch-for, keen about / on, languish after / for, lech (letch) after / for / over, lionize, long-for, lose-one's-head-over, lose-one's-heart-to, lose-the-old-head-over, love-all-to-pieces, lust-after, mad-about, mad-pash, mash-on, moon for / over, moony about / for / over, nuts about / for, nutty about / over, on-fire-over, only-have-eyes-for, palpitate for / over, partial-to, pash(-on), pine, pine-for, pooch, rave, run-a-temp-over, run-a-temperature-over, run-after, running around in circles over, set-on, set-one's-cap-for, set-one's-heart-on, sigh-after, silly-about, sizzle-for, smitten-with, soft on / upon, sold-on, solid for, spoony for / over, standing on one's ears for, strong for, stuck-on, sweet mash, sweet-on, take-a-fancy-to, take-a-shine-to, take a tumble for, take-to, taken-with, that way about / over, think all the world of, think everything of, think-the-world-of, thirst-for, torching-for, touched about, throw-oneself-at, treasure, turned-on-by, tumble for, up in the air about / over, wacky-about, whales-on, wild about / for, wish for, worship, yearn-for, yen-for, IN LOVE:, ablaze, afire, aflame, all ablaze, all a dither, all a flutter, all-fussed-up, all-hot-and-bothered, all pepped up, all pitapat, all-shaky-shivery, amorous, arse over teakettle (in love), arse-over-tit, arsey-versey (arsy-varsy), ass-over-head, batty, be-swept-off-one's-feet, besotted, bewitched, bitten, bitten-by-the-love-bug, captivated, carrying-a-torch, catch-on-fire, charmed, click, click-right-off-the-bat, dotty, enamored, enchanted, enraptured, enthralled, entranced, fall, fall head-over-heels in love, fall-in-a-big-way, fallen in love, far-gone, fascinated, feel-that-funny-feeling, feel-that-way, feeling-gay, feverish, flip-over, form-an-attachment, get-a-heart-attack, go-cuckoo, go-for, go-in-a-big-way-for, go-for-in-a-great-big-way, go-for-in-large-helpings, go-for-plenty, go-for-with-both-feet, go-ga-ga, go goofy, go-head-over-heels, go-in-a-big-way-for, go-nuts, go-overboard, go softie, gone, gone-case, gone-on, gooey-about, gooey-over, goofy-about, googly-eyed-over, have a fondness for, have-a-heart-attack, have-eyes-only-for, have-fondness-for, have-it-bad, have-it-hard, have-one's-heart-doing-back-flips, have-one's-heart-flip-flop, have-one's-heart-go-pitapat, have-one's-heart-go-pitter-patter, have-that-funny-feeling, have-the-miseries, have-the-tremors, head-over-heels (in love), heart-stricken, heels-in-the-air, hooked, hot-and-bothered, in a bad way, in-deep, in-love, in the throes of (of love), in up to the eyes / gills / neck, infatuated, lose-one's-head-over, lose one's heart (to), lose-the-old-head-over, lovesick (love-sick), lovey-dovey, loving, mad-pash, moon-eyed, moon-after, moon-for, moon-over, mooning after, moonstruck, moony, moony-about, moony-for, moony-over, nuts-about, nuts-for, nutty-about, nutty-over, on fire, on-fire-over, only-have-eyes-for, over-head-and-heels-(in-love), palpitate-for, palpitate-over, partial-to, pash, pash-on, pashy, pining, run-a-temperature, running-a-temperature, shaky-shivery, smitten, soppy, spark-ignited, spoony, struck-by-lightning, stuck-on, swept-off-one's-feet, take-a-fall, take-the-fall, take-the-old-fall, that-funny-feeling, that-way, thermometing, this-way-and-that-way, torching, torchy, totally-stuck-on, up to one's / the ears in love, up to one's / the gills in love, up to one's / the neck in love, veedle-dee-doo, voomish

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