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1. To try to get the love of; to sue for the affection of; to court (solicitously); to romance .
SYNONYMS: bill-and-coo ; butter up ; charm; chase; court; curry favor with; curry favor ; date ; entreat; make advances; make amorous advances towards; make-love ; pay one's addresses to; press one's suit with; pursue; romance ; run-after ; seek someone's favor ; seek the affection of; set-one's-cap-for ; solicit ; spark ; fawn upon.

QUOTE: George Bernard Shaw: ' It is assumed that a woman must wait motionless, until she is wooed. This is how the spider waits for the fly .'

2. To seek in marriage .
SYNONYMS: pay suit to; propose ; seek the hand of.

See Also: caress, hit on (someone), Hollywooing, homeboy, huzzlecoo, lovemaking, make a play for, make love, making love, mooky, punani, put my fire out, run after, sparking, throw oneself at, weinie

Quotes Containing woo:
''It''s a problem being beautiful. It''s only the handsome men that ask us out because they''re the only ones who think they have a chance. And handsome men are dolts. Life is unfair to us. At some point we have to face the certain reality. Despite all the good the world seems to offer, true happiness can only be found in one thing ... shopping.'' Ling Woo (Lucy Liu) in Ally McBeal (1997)

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