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1. Or: sex toy / sextoy , any sexually-stimulating object used for during masturbation , foreplay , or sexual-intercourse .
SYNONYMS: pleasure-enhancer ; marital aid; sexual-aid .

2. Any object used in BDSM activities, especially items designed specifically to be inserted into bodily orifices such as buttplugs, dildos and vibrators.

3. Or: toy-shop , dated British euphemism for the female genitals .

4. Euphemism for the penis . See penis for synonyms.

5. Or: toy with , to flirt with someone, to engage in foreplay , or to caress sexually.

6. A woman considered as suitable for sexual-intercourse .

7. Or: toy-boy / toyboy , a younger male with whom one has an intimate, predominantly sexual relationship as the adjective toy implies. Synonym: boy-toy (boytoy).

See Also: adult novelties, artificial penis, ass games, ass play, balls and bat, bauble, bawdy basket, bdsm, boy toy, condom practicing device, dildonics, fake penis, fornicatory doll, gingambobs, horse around, jack around, jazz around, leather film, marital aids, marital devices, monkey about, monkey around, pant plaything, penis substitue, pleasure enhancer, pornoshop, sex aids, sexual aid, stick and bangers, toy, toy boy, trouser toy, twiddle, wand, whirlygigs, yoyo

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