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arse about:

British expression meaning to waste-time aimlessly, to fool around.
See Also: A double S, a piece of ass, a piece of luggage, a piece of stray, a piece of stuff, A-double scribble, A-hole, A.H., a.k., a.s.s., a2m, acre, after part, afternoon, ampersand, anal copulation, anal insert, anal intercourse, anal jabber, anal play, anal plug, anal sex, anal sexual play, anal toy, anal-genital intercourse, analist, angle of the dangle, anocrat, anogenital intercourse, aris, arse, arse bandit, arse over teakettle, arse over tit, arse pirate, arse-bone, arse-fuck, arsecons, arsehole, arseplay, arsey-versey, arsy-tarvy, aspro, ass, ass about, ass around, ass blow, ass games, ass hound, ass in a sling, ass man, ass over head, ass play, ass queen, ass-a-holic, ass-bone, ass-end, ass-kisser, ass-kissing, ass-licker, ass-licking, ass-tronaut, assaroonie, asshole, asshole buddies, assmosis, asspro, assy, azz, B & T, B.A., back, back end, back part, back seat, back yard, backeye slice, backeye slit, backgammon player, backhand drive, backland, backs, backside, bad-ass, bad-ass mf, bahookie, baked alaska, bakery goods, ballinocack, balls in a sling, bare-assed, base over apex, basement, bass ackwards, batti, batty, batty boy, battybwoy, battyman, beam, beauns, beautocks, beauts, beauty, behind, behind the behind, Big A, the, big-ass, bim, bimbo, bint, biscuits, blast off, blind cupid, blot, boff, bom, bomb bay, bombosity, bomsey, boody, boogie butt, boomer, booty, booty-shot, bosom of the pants, bot, botsy, bottle, bottle and glass, bottle-ass, bottom, bottomite, botty, boxey, brandy, breast man, broad in the beam, broad smile, broad-beamed, broad-gauge(d), brown all 'round, brown-nose, brown-noser, brownsward, bruise the fruit, BT, btm, bucket, bug up the ass, buggery, bum, bum and tits, bum cleavage, bumbo, bumkin, bummy, bumpkin, bun, bun-boogie, bun-bun, bunchy, buns, bunt, business boy, butt, butt plug, butt-crack, butt-end, butt-wipe, butter, buttock, buttocks cleavage, caboose, callipygette, camera obscura, can, candy-assed, canetta, canister set, canned goods, Cashmerian togas, change machine, change register, cheeks, chew ass, chew someones ass out, chips, chudini, chuff, chundini, coccyx, cooler, copper penny, corn-hole, cornhole, cornholing, corybungo, corybungus, cozy drop, crack salesman, cracker ass, croup, cucumber queen, culo, cupcakes, derriere, derrieroscopia, dokus, drive it up to Hilltop Drive, drive up to Hilltop Drive, drop, duck-butt, duff, dummock, duster, end, English muffins, European accentuation, eye of the ass, fanny, fantail, fat-ass, fesses, fife and drum, finger, flankey, flat tire, fleshy part of the thigh, flip side, flip the bird, foul line, four-letter word, fundament, fundillo, funniment, gatees, gay house, gay in the legs, gaying instrument, gazeet, get more ass than a toilet seat, gets more ass than a toilet seat, give someone the bird, give someone the finger, gluteal region, gluteus maximus, goose, Greek side, ham, hamhocks, hang a b.a., hangover, haunches, he-whore, head over heels (in love), heinie, hernandies, hill-locks, Hilltop Drive, hind end, hindquarters, hindside, Hinterland, Holland, Hollywood hustler, home base, honey rolls, hootananny, hootenanny, hot cross buns, hot in the tail, hot pockeroo, Hugh Jass, hummer, hungry arse, husband for a weekend, hustler, Ireland, jamblocks, jerk, joy boy, jutland, kab edis, keel, keester, keister, Khyber pass, kingdom come, kiss ass, labonza, lard, lard ass, late back, the, latter end, latter part, leg man, low countries, lower back, male tale, merry-arsed Christian, middle finger salute, money-maker, moon, mooning, motor, mottob, nachas, naka-nake, ninan, okole-mas, on, open up someone's ass, open up the ass, Póg mo thón, P.T.A., pain in the ass, parking place, part that went over the fence last, the, party boy, patellas, pellin, piece of ass, piece of luggage, piece of stuff, piss-elegant, pissy, podex, poop-chute, poopshoote, popo, posterior, posteriora, posteriors, postern, potcharooney, pound, poundcake, prat, pratt, prick peddler, Professional queer, puss, puto, rear, rear end, rear guard, red-assed, rent boy, renter, reverse cleavage, rim queen, rolls, rosey, rum, rumble seat, rump, rumpus, rumpus delecti, rusty-dusty, saddle, satchel ass, satchel butt, seat (of the pants), second face, set of cakes, set of pears, set-down, sit on a face, sit-down, sit-me-down, sit-upon(s), sitter, sitting room, sitzbein, slate, sodomite, sodomy, soft peat, south side, south-end, southern exposure, southern love, spare tire, split, split-mutton, sport goods, sporting goods, spread, squat, squatter, stern, street hustler, street mechanic, street-meat, suck asshole, suck-ass, Sunday face, sycophant, T & A, T.L., tail, tail bone, tail end, tail side, taint, tear a piece of ass, tear off a piece (of ass), throw a bird, tit man, tits and ass, tits man, titticulture, toby, tockus, tokis, tokus, Tom Thumb, tooky, toosh, tooshie, toss a salad, toss the salad, touch bone and whistle, touch the bun for luck, trabajado trader, trader dick, tush, tushie, unass, up the ass, velcro arse, vertical grin, visiting the wookie, warm bottom, wedge, wedge bone, western end, western patio, whatass, whatsis, whatsus, whatzis, where the sun doesn't shine, where the sun never shines, wink the brown eye

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