Sexual DictionaryDictionary of the F-Word

Female Genital:

Synonyms: VAGINA = (V), CLITORIS = (C), GENITALS = (G), LABIA = (L), VAGINAL WETNESS = (VW), PUBIC HAIR AND AREA = (PH), ABC, Abraham's-bosom, ace, ace-of-spades, affair, agility, agreeable-ruts-of-life, all-pink-on-the-inside, alley, alpha-and-omega, altar-of-love, altar-of-hymen, altar-of-pleasure, another-thing, Anthony-Blunt, Antipodes, aperture-of-bliss, Apostle's-grove, apparatus, apparatus-urogenitalis, arsenal, artichoke, article, aunt-Annie, aunt-Maria, aunt-Mary, axe-wound, baby-chute, baby-factory, baby-in-the-boat, bacon-bomb-doors, bacon-hole, bacon-rind, bacon-sandwich, bacon-strips, badger (G/PH), bag-of-tricks, bald-man-in-a-boat, banger-hanger, bank, barge, basket, basket-of-goodies, bath-of-birth, bats-wings, bawdy-cleft, bayonet-wound, baz, bazaar, bazoo, bean, bear-trapper's-hat, beard, beard-flit, bearded, bearded-clam, bearded-lady, bearded-leisure-center, bearded-oyster, bearded-taco, bearskin, beauty spot (G/C), Beave,-The, beaver, beaver-tail, beaver-trap, bee-hive (beehive) (G), beefbox (V), beef-curtains, beef-jibber, beetlebonnet, belle-chose, belly-bristles, belly-entrance, belly-thicket, belly-whiskers (PH), below-the-navel, berk, Berkeley-Hunt, Berkshire-Hunt, bermuda-triangle, best-in-Christendom, best part (of a female/woman) (V), best-worst-part, between-the-legs, big-V, bilabial-trump-card, Birchington-Hunt, bird's-nest, bit, bit-of-fish, bit oflesh (V), bit-of-jam, bit-of-pork, bite, biter, bits, black-ace, black-badger, black-bess, black-box, black-cat-with-its-throat-cut, black-hole, black-jock, black-joke, black-meat, black-mouth, black-ring, blackness, blart, bliff, blind-alley, blind-entrance, blind-eye, blit, blivvet, blood-flaps, bloomer puddin (G), Bluebeard's-closet, blurt, blurtbeard, boat, bob-and-hit, boody, bookbinder's-wife, booty, bore, Boris, Botany-Bay, bottom, bottom-in-front, bottomless-pit, bovine-drapes, bower-of-bliss, box, box-unseen, box-with-teeth, boy-in-the-boat, boyhole (V), brakes, brat-getting-place, bread, breadwinner, break-like-a-shotgun, breakfast-of-champion, briar patch (PH), Brillo-pad, broom, brown-madam, brush, bucket, Buckinger's-boot, bud, budget, bugger grips (PH), bull-ring, bull's-eye, bum-bacon, bunghole, bun, bunny, Burlington-Hunt, burning-shame, bush, bush-pie, bushel-cunted, bushy, Bushy-Park, butcher's-shop, butchers window (V), butter-boat, butter-box, butterflies (L), butterfly, button, button-groove, button-hole, buttonhole, C (= cunt) (G), C-food, cabbage, cabbage-field, cabbage-garden, cabbage-patch, cachanca, cake, Cambridge-punt, can, canyon, Cape-of-Good-Hope, Cape-Horn, carnal-parts, carnal-trap, carpet, Carvel's-ring, case, cat, cat-flaps, cat-with-its-throat-cut, cat's-head-cut-open, catmeat, catskin, catsmeat, catty-cat, cauliflower, cave, cave-of-harmony, cavern, cellar, cellarage, center-of-attraction, center-of-bliss, center-of-desire, center-of-joy, center-of-the-senses, center-spot, central-cut, central-furrow, central-office, centric-part, centrique-part, cerassie, chambre-of-Venus, Charlie (Charley) (V), Charlie-Hunt, chasma, chat, cheesecake, cheese-factory, cherry-pit, cherry-pudding, chimney, chink, choca, chocha, chocho-gordo, chooch, chopped-liver, chow-box, chuff, chuff-box, chuftie, chum, churn, churner, circle, circulus-vitiosus, civet, cladge, claff, clam, claptrap, cleft (of flesh) (V), cleft-underside, Clint-Toris, clit, clitty, clodge, cloth, cloven-inlet, cloven-spot, clover-field, cloven-stamp-of-female-distinction, clown's-hat, clowt, coal-scuttle, chochito, cock-alley, cock-chafer, cock-hall, cock-holder, cock-hotel, Cock-Inn, Cock-Lane, cock-loft, cockchafer, cockles (G/L), cockpit, cockshire, cockwash, cockyolly-bird, cod-cove, coffee-grinder, coffee house (coffeehouse) (V), coffee shop (coffeeshop) (V), coin-slot, columns-of-Venus, commodity, concern, conchita, conny, constable, contrapunctum, controlling-part, conundrum, cony, cooch, cookie, cookies, coot, cooter, cooz(e) (coozey; coozie; coozy)(V), corner, cornucopia, cotton, cotton-and-wool, country, County-Down, coupler, covered-way, coynte, coyote, crack, crack-of-heaven, cracking, cradle, cranny, cream-catcher, cream-jug, crease, crevice, crinkum crankum (V/G), crooney, crotch, crown and feathers (G/PH), crown-of-sense, crumpet, cuckoo's-nest, cunker, cunnicle, cunnikin, cunning, cunnus, cunny, cunny-skin, cunny-warren, C**T, cunt, cunt-carpet, cunt-curtain, cunt-down, cunt-hair, cunt-lips, cuntikin, cuntkin, cunt-pie, cuntlet, cuntocks, Cupid's-alley, Cupid's-arbour, Cupid's-arms, Cupid's-cave, Cupid's-cloister, Cupid's-corner, Cupid's cupboard (B), Cupid's furrow (V), Cupid's-hotel, Cupid's ring (V), curlies, curls, curly-hairs, curtain-drop, curtains, cush, cushion, custom-house goods (G), cut, cut-and-come-again, cut-up, cuzzie, c-word, cylinder, Cyprian-arbour, Cyprian-cave, Cyprian-strait, daisy, damp,-the, dangly-bits, dark, dark-hole, dark-paradise, dead-end-street, dearest-bodily-part, Deep,-The, delicate-glutton, delta, devilish-thing, dew-flaps, dickey-dido, dickweed, diddly-pout, dike, Dilberry brush (PH), dimple, dingleberry (C/V), dirty-hole, ditch, divine-scar, divine-monosyllable, dog's-mouth, doodle-case, doodle-sack, door-bell, dormouse, doos, dot, double-doors, double-suckers, doughnut, down, down-below, down-there, downy-bit, downy-cave, Downshire (V/G), drain (V), dumb-glutton, dumb-oracle, dumb-squint, ear-between-the-legs, Elysian Fields (G/PH), empty-tunnel, end-of-the-sentimental-journey, engine, entoma, envy-city, essentials, etcetera, Eve's custom-house (G), evening-socket, everlasting-wound, expressive-button, eye-that-weeps-most-when-best-pleased, factotum, fadge, fancy-bit, fanny, fanny-hair, fascinating-furpiece, fat-rabbit, female-cock, female-coital-apparatus, female-gewgaw, female-genital-appeaser, female-genital-inlet, female-genital-mouth, female-genital-passage, female-genital-receptacle, female-genital-slit, female-goodies, female-hiatus, female-interlabial-oven, female lipped underbelly (L/V), female-lower-mouth, female-netherland, female-organ-of-generation, female-organ-of-reproduction, female-organs-of-generation, female-organs-of-reproduction, female-perineal-cul-de-sac, female-phallus, female-pudendal-canal, female-pudendal-chamber, female-pudendal-funnel, female-pudendal-gimcrack, female-pudendal-hawsehole, female-pudendal-inlet, female pudendal slit (canalis, inlet, lane) (L/V), female-pudendalia, female-pudendum, female-sex(ual)-organ, female-sexual-organon, female-slit, female-underbelly, female-vulvar-apparatus, female's-lower-kisser, fern (G/PH), fiddle, fie-for-shame, fig, figa, fillet o' fish (G/L), finger-pie, fireplace, fires-of-hell, fish, fish-box, fish-city, fish-lips, fish-mitten, fish pond (fishpond) (G), flabby-lips, flange, flaps, flat-cock, flat-tail, fleece, flesh-beer-towels, flesh-wallet, fleshy-excrescence, fleshy-part, flounder, flower, flower-of-chivalry, fluff, fly-cage, fly-catcher, fly-trap (flytrap) (V), fool-trap, forecastle, forest, forest-bush, fork, fornicator, fornicators-hall, Fort-Bushy, fount-of-femininity, fresh-axe-wound-in-a-bears-back, frizzle, front-attic, front-bottom, front-bum, front-door, front-door-mat, front-doors, front-entrance, front garden (G/PH), front-parlor, front-passage, front-porch, front-room, front-window, fruitex-vulvaria, fruitful-vine, fuck-flaps, fuck-fur, fuck-hatch, fuck-hole (fuckhole) (V), fud, fumbler's-hall, funk-hole, funniment, funny-bit, fun-zone, fur, fur below (furbelow) (PH), fur burger (furburger) (G), fur-chalice, furrow, furry-bush, furry-hoop, furry-letterbox, furry-mongoose, furry-mound, furze, furze-bush, futz, fuzz, fuzzburger, fuzzies, fuzzy-bunny, fuzzy-cup, fuzzy-muzzy, G, gammon, gammon-flaps, gammon-goalposts, gap, gape-over-the-garter, gaper (V/L), garage, garden, garden-gates, garden-hedge, garden-of-Eden, garden-of-love, garden-of-pleasure, gash, gasp-and-grunt, gate-of-horn, gate-of-life, gee, generating-place, generative-organ, genital-chamber, genital-hiatus, genital-organs, genital-slit, genital-smile, genitalia, genitals, gentle-trap, gentlemans-delight, gentlemans-garden, gentlemans-pleasure-garden, geography, gib-tenuck, gig(g) (G), giggy, gimcrack, ginch, glamity, glory hole (gloryhole) (V), glue-pot, gnat-meat, goal-keeper, goat-milker, goatee, gold-mine, golden-doughnut, golden-gate, golden-mound, good parts (G), gooseberry-bush, gorilla-burger, Grand-Canyon, grasp-and-grunt, grass, gravy-giver, gravy-maker, grease box (greasebox) (V), Great-Divide, greedy-pussy-lips, green grove (G/PH), green meadow (G/PH), grin (V/L), gristle-gripper, groin, grotto, Grove of Eglantine (G/PH), growl (V), growl-and-grunt, growler, grumble, grumble-and-grunt, gusset, gully, gully-hole, gut-entrance, gutter, gym, gymnasium, ha'penny, haddock-pastie, hair-burger, hair-court, hair-pie, hairy-axe-wound, hairy cup (V), hairy donut (V), hairy-escutcheon, hairy-lasso, hairy-magnet, hairy-oracle, hairy-pie, hairy-ring, Hairyfordshire, hairy-Mary, hairy-pie, hairy-pipi, hairy-ring, hairy-wheel, hairy-whizzer, halfpenny, hanging-bacon, hanging-basket, Hans-Carvel's-ring, happy-hunting-grounds, happy-valley, harbour-of-hope, hat, hatch, hatchi, heaven, heaven's-porthole, hee, hefty clefty (V/L), hell, hey-nonny-no, hidden-treasure, hirsute-oyster, ho-cake, hog-eye, hole, hole-of-content, hole-of-holes, hole-to-hide-it-in, Holiday-Inn, holy-of-holies, Holloway, home, home-sweet-home, hone, honey-pie, honey-pot, hoop, horse-collar, hortus, hot-box, hot-spot, house-under-the-hill, husband's-supper, hypogastrian-cranny, hymeneal-waterfall, ingle-nook, inland-passage, inner lips (L), inner-sanctum, inner-self, interlabial-hiatus, interlabial-sanctum, interlabial-sanctum-muliebre, interlabial-slit, intimate-bits, intimate-parts, Irish-fortune, Irish-pasture, it, itchy-places, ivory-gate, Jack-and-Dandy, Jack-and-Danny, Jack-N-Dandy (V), Jack-Straws-castle, Jacob's-ladder, jam, jam-donut, jam pot (jampot) (V), Janey, jaxy, jazz, Jeanette-Talia, jelly bag (jellybag) (V), jellybox (V), jelly-cave, jellyroll, Jenny-Tull, Jerusalem-artichoke, jewel-case, jewelry, jimcrack, jing-jang, Joe-Hunt, jointess, joxy, joy-box, joy-buzzer, joy-furrow, joy-hole, joy-trail, juicy-sewer, junioress, justum, kennel, kettle, keyhole, kitchen, kitten's-ear, kitty, kitty-cat (kittycat) (G), kitty kat (G), knick-knack, knish, kut, la-belle-chose, labs, ladder, ladies'-treasure, lady-flower, Lady-Jane, lady-star, lady's-low-toupee, ladys-welcome-mat, lamp-of-love, lapland, lawn, leading-article, leather, Leather-Lane, leg-beard, life's-dainty, Lili, ling, lipped-pudendal-entree, lipped-underside, lips (of the vulva) (L), little-boy-in-the-boat, little-bud, little-kitten, little man in the (female) boat (C), little-man-in-the-female-navicula, little-Mary, little-monkey, little-ploughman, little-shame-tongue, little-sister, living-fountain, lobster-pot, lock, lock-of-locks (V), lodge, loins, long-eye, Lord knows what (V), Lord-knows-where, lotus, love-box, love-bud, love-button, love-canal, love-chamber, love-cleft, love-flesh, love-glove, love-grotto, love-lane, love-muscle, love-nest, love-organ, love-sheath, love's-harbour, love's-paradise, loves-pavillion, lovely-flower, lover's lane (V), low-countries, lower-cynosure-(of-the-female), lower-lips, lower-mouth, lower-wig, lowlands, lucky-bag, lunch-box, Madge, magnet, main-avenue, male-catcher, mamas-box, man-catcher, man-eater (maneater) (V), man-entrapment, man-hole (manhole)(V), man-in-the-(row)boat, man trap (mantrap) (V), mangle, manometer, map-of-Tasmania, map of Tazzy (map of Tassie) (PH), mapatasi, marble-arch, mark-of-the-beast, masterpiece, mat, maw, meat, meat-tarp, melting-pot, merkin (G/PH), mespot, middle-cut, middle-eye, middle-kingdom, midlands, milk-can, milk-jug, milk-pan, milker, milking-pail, mill, milt-market, milt-shop, mine-of-pleasure, minge, Miss-Laycock, mole-catcher, Molly's-hole, money, money-box, moneymaker (V), money-pot, monkey, monosyllable, Mons-Meg, moot, mortar, moss, moss-rose, mossy-bank, mossy-cell, mossy-doughnut, mossy-face, mossy-mound, mot(t) (V), mot-carpet, mother-of-all-saints, mother-of-all-souls, mother-of-masons, mother-of-Saint-Patrick, Mount-Joy, Mount-Pleasant, mouses-hole, mouse-trap, mouser, mouth-of-nature, mouth thankless (V), mouth that cannot bite (V), mouth-that-says-no-word-about-it, mouth-that-says-no-words, moving-parts, mowed-lawn, much-traveled-highway, mud flaps (L), muff, muff-pie, muffet, muffin, muliebra, muliebral-fascinallia, muliebral-sex-organ(a), must-I-holler, mustard-and-cress, mustard-pot, mute-mouth, mutton, mystic-grotto, naf (naff) (V), naggy, name-it-not, nameless, nappy-dugout, nasty, natural-parts, natural-places, naturals, nature's-veil, naughty, naughty-bits, nautch, naval-base, naviculans, necessaries, needle-book, needle-case, nest-in-the-bush, nether-end, nether-eye, nether-eyebrow, nether-lashes, nether-whiskers, nether-lips, nether-mouth, nether-parts, nether-regions, netherland-sanctum, Netherlands, never-out,-the, niche(-cock) (G), nick, nick-nack, nick-in-the-notch, night-depository, nock, nonesuch, nonny-no, nonny-nonny, nonsuch, nooker, nooky (nookie) (V), noose, notch, nothing, novelty, nub, nubbin, Number-Nip, nursery, O, oat-bin, old-Frizzle, old-hat, old-thing, one that bites (V), open-C, open-charms, open-well, open-wound, opening, oracle, Orchard-of-the-Hesperides, organ, organ-grinder, organ-of-reproduction, organs-of-generation, orgasm-chasm, outer lips (L), oven, ox-drapes, oyster, oyster-catcher, P-maker, package, padlock, palace-gates, palace-of-pleasure, pan, pancake, panty-pudding, papaya, parlor, parlor-room, parlour, parsley-bed, parsley-patch, parts-below, parts-of-generation, parts-of-shame, passion-flaps, passion-hole, passion-pit, patch, peach-fish, peculiar-river, pee-hole (peehole) (V), pee-pee-hole, peeping-sentinel, pencil-sharpener, penis-equivalent, penis-femineus, penis-femininis, penis-muliebris, perineal-genital-mouth, periwinkle, phallic-haven, pie, pillcock hill (G), pillicock hill (G), pilose-adit, pink, pink-bits, pink-eye, pink-flaps, Pink-Palace-in-the-Black-Forest, pink-surprise, pink-velvet-sausage-wallet, pintle-case, pipe, pipkin, piss-flaps, piss slit (V/L), pisser, pit, pit-hole, pit-mouth, pit-of-darkness, pitcher, placket, placket-box (V), playing-field, playpen, plaything, pleasurable underside (G), pleasure-boat, pleasure-garden(s), pleasure-ground(s), pleasure-place, plush, pocketbook, poe, poke-hole, pole-hole, pole-vault, polly-nussy, pond, poon, poontang, poontenanny, poor-man's-blessing, pooz, poozie, poozle, portal-of-love, portal-of-Venus, portals-of-sex, pouch, pouter, power-U, praline, pranny (prannie) (G), prat(t) (V), prawn-of-pleasure, premises, pretty-pretty, prick-holder, prick-purse, prick-scourer, prick-skinner, prickholder, prides, prime-cut, private-parts, private-passages, private-property, privates, privities, privy-chose, privy-hole, privy-members, privy-parts, promised-land, pubes, pubickers, pudendal-inlet, pudendal-sanctum, pudendal-smile, pudendum, pudendum-muliebre, puff, puka, pulpit, pum-pum, pump, punani (punaani) (V), punce, punni, punse, purse, puss, pussy, pussy-beard, pussy-cover, pussy-hair, pussycat, quaint, quarry, queen-of-holes, queynte, quid, quiff, quim, quim-bush, quim-whiskers, quim-wig, quiver, rabbit's pie (V), rag-box, rails, rasp, rat hole (V), rattlesnake-canyon, receiving-chamber, receiving-set, receptive-pudendum, red-ace, red-lane, red-snapper, reproductive-organs, rest-and-be-thankful, rhubard, road, road to heaven (V), road to paradise (V), road-to-a-christening, rob-the-ruffian, rocket-socket, rose, rosebud, rosebush, rotten-crotch, rough-and-ready, rough-and-tumble, rough-o (rough-O) (V), rubyfruit, rubyfruit jungle (G/PH), rude-bits, rude-parts, rug, saddle, Saint's-delight, salt-basin, salt-cellar, satin-doll, sanctum, sardine-can, satchel, scallops, scat, scratch, scum-twat, scut (G/PH), scuttle, second-hole-from-the-back-of-the-neck, secret-parts, secret-works, secrets, see-you-next-Tuesday, seed-plot, seminary, sensible part (C/V), sensitive-spot, serpent-socket, sex organon (of the female)(V), sex-skin, sexual organon (of the female) (V), sexual-slit, shake-bag, shame-tongue, sharp-and-blunt, she-thing, sheer-hell, shmoya, Shooter's-Hill, short-and-curlies, short-hairs, shot-locker, shrubbery, silent-beard, silent-mouth, sink-of-solitude, Sir-Anthony-Blunt, skin-chimney, skincoat, skins, slash, sleeve, slice-of-life, slime-hole, slippery-slued, slit, slit-bit, slithery, slitted-underbelly, sloppy-bot, slot, sluice, sluice-box, smell-hole, smelly-pussy, smoo, snackbar, snake-pit, snapper, snapping-pussy, snapping-turtle, snatch, snatch-blatch, snatch box (V), snatch-patch, snatch-thatch, snippet, snutchie, soft-furry-mound-of-love, south-pole, southern-hemisphere, spadger, spare-tongue, sperm-canal (V), sperm-sucker, spice-of-life, split, split-apricot, split-beaver, split-kipper, split-tail, sporran, sportsmans-gap, sportsmans-hole, spot, spread, spunk-pot, squeeky, squelchy-monkey, squirrel (G/PH), stadge, staff-breaker, standing-room-for-one, stank, star-over-the-garter,-the, steel-woolies, stench-trench, stink, stinkhole (V), stink-pit, stink-pot, stink-well, stoat, strawberry-patch, streamstown, stubble, suck-and-swallow, sugar-basin, sugar-bowl, sugar-bush, sugared-diamond, sunny-south, sweet potato (pie) (G), sweet-scented-hole, taco, tail, tail-box, tail-feathers, tail-for-the-cock, tail-hole, tail-gap, tail-gate, tail-pipe, tail-stew, target, tastebud, teazie, tee-tee, temple-of-low-men, Temple-of-Virginity, tender-box, tender-button, tender-trap, tenuc, that-there, that-thing, thatch, thatch-hatch, thatched-house-(under-the-hill), thicket, thing, thingamy, thingstable, thingumabob, third-base, tickle-Thomas, tickleables, tickler, till, tinderbox, tid-bits (tidbits) (V/G), tirly-whirly, tit-bit, tit-mouse (titmouse) (V/G), tivvy, tivy, todger-toaster, toolbox, tool-chest, toolshed, toupee, toot-toot, toothless-mouth, tootsie-wootsie, touch-hole, touch hole (V), toupee, towdie, toy-shop, tram lines (L/G), trap, treasure, treasure-box, treasury, trench, triangle-of-love, trigger, trim, trinket, trout, tube, tufted-honor, tufted-treasure, tuna, tuna-fish, tuna-town, tunnel, tunnel-of-love, turnpike, turf, turtle, tush, tuzzy-muzzy (tuzzymuzzy) (V), twachel, twam, twammy, twat, twat-fuzz, twat-hair, twat-mat, twat-rug, twatchel, twelge, twidget, twim, twin, twitchet, twixt-wind-and-water, two-leaved-book, twot, undeniable, undercarriage, undercut, undergrowth, underparts, undertaker, underworld, unmentionables, upper-holloway, upright-grin, upright-wink, usher-of-the-hall, vacuum, vadge, vag, vagina dentata (or dententa) (V), vaginal-rim, vaginal hair (PH), valley, valley-of-love, valve, VD-depository, vacuum, velcro love triangle (G/PH), velcro-strips, velcro triangle (G/PH), velvet, velvet-glove, velvet-love-canal, velvet-tunnel, venerable-monosyllable, vent, Venus-flytrap, Venus-mound, Venus'-cell, Venus'-glove, Venus-highway, Venus'-honeypot, Venus'-mark, Venus'-secret-cell, vertical-axe-wound-with-sideburns, vertical bacon baguette (V/L), vertical bacon sandwich (V/L), vertical-smile, vicious-circle, vige, virgin-treasure, Virginia-Vagina, vitals, vulvar-interlabial-slit, vulvette, wame, wanton ace (G/PH), ware,-rest-and-be-thankful, wares, warm-fuzzy, warm-place, warmest-place, waste pipe (wastepipe) (V), water-box, water-engine, water-worker, water-works, waterworks, way-in, wayside-fountain, wet-mop, wet-on (VW), whatchamacallit, whatsis, whatsit, whatsus, whatzis, wheel, whelk, where the monkey sleeps (V/G), where-uncle's-doodle-goes, whidgey, whim, whim-wham, whisker-biscuit, whisker-pot, whisper-pot, whole, whole-voyage, wicket, wide-on (VW), wig, wings-of-the-vulva, winker, woman's-commodity, woman`s privates (G), woman's-privities, wonderland, woo-woo, wool, woolies, wools, workshop, world's-smallest-hotel, wound, wrinkle, X, Y (the Y) (G), yard-measure, yawn, yeast-bag, yeast-mill, yellow-road, YMCA, yoni, you-know-what, you-know-where, yum-yum, yum-yum-cake, zatch, zebra-fanny, zither, zosh, zouzoune

See Also: 63, a bit of fork, a bit of pork, accoutrements, ace, ace of spades, acomoclitic, Adams arsenal, affair, affairs, after-market, alpha and omega, anogenital, another thing, Antipodes, Apostle's grove, apparatus, apparatus urogenitalis, athletic supporter, auto-genital stimulation, auxiliaries, bald eagle, bambi, basket, basket crusher, basket of goodies, basket party, bats wings, bazaar, bazoo, bearded, bearskin, beef, beef curtains, beef-tugging, belongings, below the navel, bermuda triangle, between the legs, Big Jim and the twins, bird's nest, bisexuality, bit of fork, bit of jam, bit of pork, bit on the fork, bits, black ace, black badger, black joke, blackness, bogga, boody, bookbinder's wife, bottom, bottom surgery, bread, broom, brown madam, bucket, budget, bun, burning shame, bush beater, Bushy Park, C-light, cake, carnal abuse, carnal parts, cat with its throat cut, catmeat, catsmeat, cauliflower, center of attraction, center of bliss, center of desire, center of joy, center of the senses, center spot, central cut, central office, centric part, centrique part, chat, cheesy, chum, civet, clam diving, clean kitchen, cluster, cock loft, cockles, concern, conny, continental shot, conundrum, cony, cookies, coot, cooter, cooz(e), coozey, coozy, corner, coyote, cradle, credentials, crotch, crumpet, cunnilalia, cunnilingist, cunnilinguate, cunning, cunniphilemia, cunnus, cunt light, cush, cushion, cut, cut and come again, cuzzie, daisy, dancer's belt, dangling participles, dickey dido, dimple, dive a muff, do-hickies, Dogiel's corpuscles, dohickeys, dohickies, doos, down below, down there, dyspareunia, eager beaver, eat pussy, engine, essentials, etcetera, extreme cunt torture, f2m SRS, fancy work, fanny, fellatrice, female goodies, female reproductive organs, fig, finger, finger pie, fish pond, flash, flasher, fly-by-night, fork, Fr, frankendick, French lessons, frig, front garden, front porch, fud, fumbler's hall, furry hoop, furry mound, gearbox, generative organ, genitalia, genitomorphism, geography, get to third base, give good head, go down and do tricks, gusset, hardcore, hardware, have a box lunch, have box lunch, head job, herpes simplex, HGM, hortus, hot beaver shot, hot lips, human reproductive organs, hung like a dinosaur, hung like a rabbit, hung like a stallion, inseminate, intimate bits, intimate parts, itch mite, itchy places, Jenny Tull, jewelry, jig, jungle rot, kit, kitchen, kolpophobia, leg beard, little Mary, little sister, low countries, lower cynosure (of the female), lower deck, luggage, machinery, nuts and bolts, madge, magnet, male catcher, male netherland(s), male organs of generation, male organs of reproduction, male reproductive organs, man catcher, mangle, manometer, marriage gear, masterpiece, midlands, monster shot, mossy bank, mossy cell, mossy doughnut, mossy face, mossy mound, mother of all saints, mother of all souls, mother of Saint Patrick, Mount Joy, Mount Pleasant, mouth music, muff barking, muff diving, nasty bits, natural parts, natural places, naturals, necessaries, nether parts, nether regions, Netherlands, nuts and bolts, organs of generation, organs of reproduction, organs of the reproductive system, parlor, parlour, parts, parts below, parts of generation, parts of reproduction, pearl diving, pencil and tassel, picnic, picnic lunch, picnic on it, picnic up on it, pillcock-hill, pillicock-hill, piping, plaything, pleasurable underside (of the female), pleasure garden(s), pleasure ground(s), poon light, poontang, prack, pranny, prat, pratt, private property, privy limbs, pubic, pubic area, pudendal intercourse, pudendal pleasures, pudendal symphony, pudendum, puff, quid, rasp, reproductive organs, rig, rooster, rude bits, rude parts, saddle, Sarcoptes scabiei (hominis), say high mass, scabies mite, scut, secret parts, secret works, secrets, self-gratification, self-pleasure, self-pleasuring, self-stimulation, sex and reproductive organs, sex organs, sexual organs, Shooter's Hill, sixty-three, smoo, southern hemisphere, split apricot, split beaver, split-beaver shot, spot, spread beaver, squirrel, sweet potato pie, swing on some flivver, tackle, taco, tail box, tail for the cock, tail pipe, tail stew, tailpipe, taint, temple of low men, thingstable, three-piece set, three-piece suit, tickleables, tidbits, till, tinta, tit, titbit(s), tivvy, tivy, toby, tomcat, treasure, trinket, tu quoque, tuna, tuna fish, turtle, twin, twitchet, two-leaved book, undercarriage, undergrowth, underparts, virilia, vulva, wares, warts, water box, water engine, water worker, water works, waterworks, weight training, whelk, whidgey, whim, whim-wham, white meat, wide-open beaver, widow's mites, wobbly bits, workshop, wrinkle, zoolinction

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