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you know who:

A person whose name one does not know or remember.
See Also: 411, 69, abnormal presentation, acid phosphatase, acne vulgaris, acousticophilia, acquaintance, acquaintance rape, act, act ass, act of shame, ad, adulterer, AFAIK, agalmatophilia, allorgasmia, altar of hymen, altocalciphilia, amorist, anal beads, anus, bass ackwards, beetle, berdache, big conk, big cock, Big feet, big meat, bitchery, biting, bobby's helmet, botter, bottom's up, box, brown word, browning, buff ball, burn, burner, burning, cake boy, Candida albicans, carnal parts, Carvel's ring, chain sex, chancroid, chanticleer, chastity belt, chemistry, child molester, clit lit, clitoris, closet, the, closeted, Cock Lane, coitus interruptus, collar, collar and lead, come-fuck-me-pumps, condom earring, coochee-coochee, corn on the cob, coronal extender, crown, cum, damaged goods, dame, demimondaine, demimonde, diazepam, dick, die for, distillate of love, distillatia, divine scar, do a fade-out, doesn't know his ass from a hole in the groud, doesn't know shit from shinola, doing it, Don Juan, Dorothy's friend, doxy, dynamic duo, emission phase, everlasting wound, exoletus, fag, falsies, feel funny about, female come, female ejaculation, fescennine, fetishism, figura veneris prima, firkytoodle, first stage of ejaculation, flip it around, flip it off, flip off, flip oneself off, flirtatious, flirty, flower, flunitrazepam, fly-by-night, Forget Pill, fornication, four-letter word, frail, free love, French disease, French fever, French goods, French gout, French measles, French pig, French pox, frictation, Friend of Dorothy, FUBAR, fuck-me pumps, furor uterinus, gardnerella, Gardnerella vaginalis, gay, get laid, gold-digging, grow on, hanky panky, Hans Carvel's ring, hare, harlot, have a little death, have chemistry, heart's-ease, heliogabalus, hermaphrodite, high heels fetish, hipocrocadogapig, hit and run guy, hit-and-runner, hole, hootchy-kootchy, house, HPV, human papilloma virus, hump your fist, hypoactive sexual desire, IMB, incubus, infatuate, infatuation, intermarriage, intermenstrual bleeding, intermenstrual pains, internalized homophobia, intimate acquaintance, involution, jactation, Joe Doe, Joe Zilch, John Doe, johns, K, K-hole, Ketamine, knick-knacks, know, know someone biblically, know someone in the Biblical sense, La Roche, laid, leer, lesbian, lollapaloosa, lollipalooza, Lord knows where, love-hate, Lunch Money, man, man-below position, mark of the beast, Marquis de Sade, menschkite, Mexican Valium, midlands, missionary position, mixer, mohuncher, mojo, moniliasis, monogamy, moon, Morbus Gallicus, Morbus Hispanics, Morbus Indicus, Morbus Neapolitanus, Mr. Blank, Mrs. Blank, natural parts, naturals, Neisseria gonorrheae, nick, nick-nacks, nymphae, oldest profession, oldest trade, on the make, orgasm, oscar, padded bra, padding, pansy, panties, Pappas, parts below, peek freak, peep freak, pencil, philanderer, phobia, pickup, pimp walk, pip, piss broken glass, piss pins and needles, piss play, piss razor blades, pix, playgirl, pole, primary syphilis, private parts, privates, privy parts, professional, professional woman, protection, pull out, queen, queen for a day, R-2, rape drugs, receding hairline, rejection, relationship, reno-it, Reno-vate, Reno-vation, Roaches, Roachies, Roche, Rohypnol, Roofies, Rope, Rophies, Ruffies, RZ, S & M, S-word, scratch, senility, sex antagonism, sex appealing, sex goddess, sex icon, sex object, sex symbol, sexual ego, sexual icon, sexual relations, sexual revolution, sexually appealing, shitty, side-by-side position, sitter, sizzling, slick chick, slit, snap, soft chancre, spanking the monkey, spastic colon, Special K, stanley, stare, statuophilia, statutory rape, strangulation fetish, succubus, sure thing, swanska, sweet charity, swish, swordsman, taxi driver, temple of low men, tinea cruris, to die for, tool, torch carrier, traveler's aid, Trichomonas vaginalis, true hermaphrodite, truffle hunting, turn on, TURP, two-timing, underparts, underwear, undies, up the ass, uro-sexuality, V-girl, vaginal ballooning, vaginal yeast infection, venereal disease, venereal sore, vertical grin, Vetalar, vive la différence, vulvar inner and outer lips, vulvar lips, vulvar outer and inner lips, wallet girl, wet fun, wet sex, wet times, what's-his-name, white wedding, whoozis, whoozit, wife, Winchester Geese, withdrawal method, woman-on-top position, yeast infection, you know who, you-know-what, you-know-where

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