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all man:

1. Very masculine; virile ; macho .

2. Gay name for a virile , non-available heterosexual male.

See Also: 17-ketosteroid, 175, 4-F(s), 411, 50:50, 501s, 69, a bit ginger, a bit on the Wilde side, aberration, accommodate, accoucheur, Accu-Jac, ace, achnutshik, acokoinonia, act, act of darkness, actual intercourse rate, acucullophilia, Adam, Adam-and-Eveing, adolescent homosexuality, adventuress, advertising pilgrim, aging actress, aidocratia, algorsenia, all meat, no potatoes, all the way, all wool and a yard long, all-night trick, all-nighter, alley cat, alligator, alloandrism, allorgasmia, allovalent, alphamegamia, altar of hymen, alter kocker, alternating flame, ambisexual, American trombone, Amor vincit omnia, anal intercourse, anal joyrider, anal virgin, anal-genital intercourse, Andrew phenomenon, androgynophilia, androgynous fucking, androgyny, android, andrologist, andromania, andromimetic, andromimetophilia, androphile, androphilia, androphilic, androphilist, androphobia, angel food, animal sex, anogenital intercourse, anorast, anorchous, anthropoid, anthropophagy, anything on two legs, aphrodette, Are you keeping it for the worms?, Are you saving it for the worms?, arm-in-arming, arrhenphobia, arsenosadism, ass hound, ass man, ass-a-holic, asshole buddies, Athanasian wench, attitudes, attractive, auntie man, auntie queen, automonosexualism, autopederasty, autopedication, avisodomy, b-boy, B-girl, babette, baby, baby in the boat, baby porker, baby-grinder, baby-snatcher, babys arm, babys forearm, bach night, bachelor, bachelor night, bachelor-man, bachelor-woman, back scuttle, back-door man, backed up, backup, bad, bad girl, bagels, bagger double entry, bait, baker's dozen, bald man in a boat, baldy, ball gown, ballast, banged up, bar girl, Barbarella, basher, basiter, basitrix, basket party, basket shopping, basket-watcher, basketeer, bat boy, batch night, battle-axe, battybwoy, battyman, bay window, beach whale, beads, bear, bear lover, beard, beard-splitter, bearded lady, beat one's time, beauhunk, beaver patrol, beaver posse, beaver trap, beaver-retriever, bed hopper, bed-swerver, bedswerver, beef cakes, beefcake books, beefcakery, beeveedees, belle boy, belly-buster, belly-fucker, belly-queen, bemascopia, bend some ham, bender, benny, benny house, best part, Bethlehem Steel, Betty shits her dress, Betty shitting her shoes, Beulah-lover, bi, big conk, big cock, big dame hunter, big dick queen, Big feet, big meat, big fella, the, big game, big game hunter, big head, big hunk of meat, Big nose, big hose, big number, big woman, bigamy, biker, bikini brief, bird's nester, birdie, bisexual, bitches' blinds, bivirist, BJM, black in white, black jack, black pencil, black snake, black widow, blackjack, blackleg, Blackout Romeo, blazer, bloke, blow job, blue balls, blueballs, Bluebeard, boink, bone addict, bone queen, boner, boobs, boomer, boot slave, boots and shoes fetish, bopper, bordello, boretto man, bottle opener, bottom, bottomless pool, boudoir bandit, bounder, bouquet of pansies, bow window, boy Friday, boy herder, boy in the boat, boy marriage, boy toy, boy's smoking house, boys, boyz, brace yourself, Sheila, bread basket, break somebody in, break wind, breast man, breeder, brick shithouse, bring out (of the closet), brother starling, Brown family, Brown Joe, browning queen, bubby boob, bubby bube, buck face, bud, buddy, bug-fucker, bull pen, bull ring, buller, bum chain, bum fiddler, bum tickler, bum-fighter, bumper-to-bumper, bumpers, bumping pussies, bunch-punch, bungie-boy, burglar, bush bunny, bush child, butch, butch it up, butch-queen, butt smasher, buttered bun, buttfuck buddy, buttock climber, buttonhole worker, BVDs, bwoy, C-food, caboose, cad, cafeteria, cake boy, campus butcher, campy, candidiasis, candy-leg, capricornified, capricornus, Caprihorny, carnalite, Casanova, Caspar Milquetoast, Castro clone, catamite, Cateracts of the Nile, cavalier, cavaulter, cave man, centerfold, chain fuck, chain gang, chain sex, chance sandwich, chancroid, change of life, change one's luck, charge, chauvering-cove, cheek kiss, cheilocunnidipity, cherry picker, chick fancier, chick-chaser, chicken freak, chicken hawk, chicken snatchitori, chicken-coop, chicken-house, Chief Boot Knocka, Chimaropia, chimney sweep, chin-strap, chiromania, chiselette, chiseling cutie, chlamydia, Chlamydia trachomatis, chocolate lover, chubby chaser, chucking a sausage down the Old Kent Road, chucking a worm up the Mersey Tunnel, Circe, claim jumper, clapster, clean it up, clean up, clicket, clitorilingus, clitoris, clone, closet, the, club sandwich, coal burner, cock, cock block, cock hound, cock sucker, cock-and-hen, cock-pleaser, cock-smitten, cock-tease, cockaholic, cockhound, cockish, cocksman, cocksmith, cocksucker, cocktease, cocoa butter, codger, codpiece, coital alignment technique, coital position, coital posture, coition, cojones, cold meat, collar ad, collar-and-tie, college fuck, college style, colpkinophilia, colpopetia, combo, a, come-freak, come-on boy, coming and going, common shore, common-law husband, common-law wife, concubine, controsexual, copula fornicatoria, Corinthian, Corsican, cottager, cottaging, cotton ball, couple, couple freak, courtesan, courtesan fantasy, courting cream, coxsman, cradle-robber, cradle-snatcher, crave, crazy about, creature of the night, creep house, creep-joint, creeper, Crisco cottage, crone, croopy, crotch voyeur, crotch-peeper, crusher, cuckold, cuissade, cum-freak, cundum, cunnilinguate, cunt hunt, cunt-struck, cunt-tease, cunt-teaser, cupcake, cupiding, curb crawler, curry queen, cute, cute trick, daddy-type, dainties, daisy, daisy chain, dame-on-the-make, damp, the, dandy, dangling a worm in a paste bucket, DAP, dash one's doodle, daylights, dead infertile, deadlier of the species, deadwood, dealing, December-May romance, decensus, decoy(er), defecation, deflower, Delilah syndrome, delinolagnia, dells, demi-vierge, demimondaine, demimonde, diamond-digger, Diana complex, diapiresalgia, dick-drinker, dicked in the pudding, difficult brown, digger, dimple-dick, dinge queen, dinner basket, dioning, dirty mac brigade, dish, do it with oneself, do oneself, do some good for yourself, Doctor Cocker, dog, dog with two dicks, doll face, dolly-mopper, Don Juan, Don Juan syndrome, Don Juanism, donkey-, dont fight it, its bigger than both of us, dork, Dorothy's friend, double adapter, double hung, double jacking, double moral standard, double sexual standard, double standard, double-entry, double-gaited, double-life (wo/man), doughed-up darling, Dowager Queen, down, dowry, drag, drag queen, dragon lady, drain the lizard, drape queen, draped, drawers, dreamboat, dress to the right (or to the left), dribble-cock, dripper, dripsy, drooper, droopy, dueting, dunkie, eager beaver, easy on the eyes, easy pink, easy rider, easy to look at, eel-skinner, effeminate, egg McMuff, egg McMuffin, Egyptian queen, enjoy a man, erectile dysfunction, erotica, erotocrat, erotomonomania, escort, essayeur, eunuch, evening socket, evirate, eviration, ex-bach, experienced, eye-giver, eyes, face job, fag bag, fag factory, fag hag, fag stag, faggot's moll, Fagin, fairy hawk, fall in love (with), fallen star, falsies, family jewels, fancy-pants, fast worker, favor, feathery flick, the, feed the dumb glutton, fellate, fellatio, fellator, female impersonator, feminine heart pumper, feminosexual, fetish, fetishism, FFA, fifty-fifty, figs, fine figure, fires of hell, fish, fish queen, fishwife, flapper, flat tire, flesh fly, flesh sandwich, flirt, flogging cully, floozy, flop in, floral arrangement, flower house, fly jockey, fly-cage, fond of, food gone to waist, fool for dames, a, forbidden fruit eater, forgotten woman, fornicatory doll, Four Fs, fox hunter, Fred, free holder, freebie, French, French art(s), French embassy, Friend of Dorothy, frog prince, frogging cully, front office, front porch, frontage, fruit-fly, fruit-picker, fuck handles, fuck-beggar, fucker, fucks anything on two legs, fucks anything with a hole in it, fuckster, Full lips, fill lips, fumbler, funny that way, he's, G-string, gagger, gallant, gamecock, gander, gander month, gang bang, gang shag, gang shay, gap-stopper, gash hound, gay, gay basher, gay deceiver, gay fellow, gay for pay, gay gene, gay liberation, gay youthism, gaydar, gazoony, gender outlaw, generous keeper, genital herpes, genital herpes simplex virus, gentleman of the road, gents, the, get a little, Get any?, get into, get lucky, get one's oats, get one's oil changed, get the upshot, gets more ass than a toilet seat, Getting some?, gifted, gigolette, gigolo, gimme girl, gingambobs, girl-chaser, give him one, give him rocks, give juice for jelly, give soft for hard, giver of the eye, glory hole, gloryhole, glutton, go doddling, go doodling, go stinky, goat, goatee, God's gift to women, gold mine, gold-digger, gold-digging, gold-miner, golden shower, gonorrhea, good looker, good woman, good-time Barney, good-time Charlie, goodyear (tire), gopher tits, grandma, grant sexual favors, great lover, Greek, Greek god, grimm's fairy, grinder, grouser, grow on, gully-raker, guy, gynandry, H, had more ass than a toilet seat, hag, hair monger, hair splitter, Hairy back, bad in the sack, hairy banana, hairy-chested, half a cob, half and half, half-husband, hand gig, hand job, hand-warmers, Hands off your cocks, feet in your socks!, handsome, hangover, have a bit of bum, have a bit of tail, have a brush with the cue, have a dame complex, have a hot roll with cream, have a little death, have a live sausage for supper, have flapperitis, have ones way with, he-male, he-man, he-mannified, he-mannish, head hunter, heap of coke, heart breaker-upper, heart-crusher, heart-smasher, heartbreaker, heavy hitter, heel, heliogabalus, help-spend, hemale, henpecked, her indoors, herosexual, herstory, heterosexual, high heels fetish, high priest of Paphos, high-voltage sheik, hirsutophilia, hit and run guy, hit-and-runner, hive it, hog, hold out, hole, holer, home cooking, homework, homi-polone, hominophobia, homo mollis, homo-, homo-lover, homoerotophobia, homogenic, homoism, homophile, homophobia, homosexual, homosocial, homunculi, honey, honey man, hooker, hootchy-kootchy, hop on, horatio, horizontal refreshment, horn, horn-dog, horniness, horse and buggy fuggy, horseman, hot, hot beef injection, hot flame, hot meat injection, hot pants, hot roll with cream, hot-water bag, hotcha, Hottentot apron, hound dog, huffle, hum a tune (on the flute), Humphreys, hung, hungry girl, hunk, hunk of ass, hunk of beef, hunk of butt, hunkorama, husband, hustler, hypersexual, hypersexuality, hypothalamus, Iceburg Slim, idiogamist, ill-piece, illegal cohabitation, illicit relations, illicit sex, imagination, impotence, impotency, in love, in the closet, in-sisters, INAH, inamorato, intercourse position, interested in only one thing, intersexual, interspecies sex, invirility, involutional gyneacomastia, isomulcia, isosexual, it-chaser, jack, jack off, Jack Straw, jack-gagger, jail bait, jailhouse pussy, jaisy, jam, jawbreaker, jazzbo, jean queen, jelly-belly, jewel coaxer, Jewish by hospitalization, Jewish by operation, jock and boxer, Joe Blow, Joe Doe, Joe Zilch, john, john among the maids, John Doe, John Q. Citizen, John Q. Public, John Willie, Johnny Queen, johnny-come-lately, johns, johnson, juice, juice for jelly, jumbler, jungle meat, junior, kanakas, kidney wiper, king of clubs, king triad, Kinsey Report, kishkes, kiss, knave of hearts, knocker, KY cow house, ladies' cherce, ladies' choice, ladies' man, ladies' tailor, lady's man, lady-chaser, lady-killer, lady-love, ladybug, ladylike, latrine, lavender, Lazarus, leaping over the sword, leather, Leather Lane, leather stretcher, lecher, left-handed wife, leg man, leg-lifter, less-than-a-man's, libertine, lick, licorice stick, lie in a state, lift a leg, light on his feet, like chucking a sausage down the Old Kent Road, like chucking a worm up the Mersey Tunnel, limp-dick, limp-prick, little boy in the boat, Little Dick, Little Dickie, little head, little man, little man in the boat, little pinkie, little sliver of flesh, little woman, the, live wire, lobbing it through an open window, lollipop stop, lone man, lone wolf, lonelyhearts' club, long pole, long pork, long trade, longfellow, longhorn, loose fish, loose in his loafers, Lothario, lounge beetle, lounge lizard, love handles, love juice, love machine, love pirate, love pump, love that dare not speak its name, the, love thief, love-hate, lovemaking position, lover, lucky Pierre, lunch, lunch box, lunchbox, luncheonette, lusty-guts, M.S.M., machismo, macho, mack, macko man, madonna-whore syndrome, make a milk run, make a move on, make a pass at, make a pit stop, Make hay while the sun shines, make the milk run, make whoopee, make-out artist, maker, making the bald man cry, making the bald man puke, making whoopee, male chauvinist pig, male climacteric, male condom, male dominant, male menopause, maledom, man, man about town, man chaser, man in the (row)boat, man mountain, man of affairs, man on the street, man-above position, man-below position, man-eater, man-on-top position, man-proof, manbone, manglish, manhood, mankind, manliness, manometer, mansculine, mantrap, marble palace, masher, mashie, masturbation-female, mazophallist, MCP, measurements, meat, meat hound, meat-monger, melting moments, men's lib, men's magazine, menage a trois, mensch, menschkite, merkin, middle-age spread, midnight lace, midnight queen, milk-woman, millimeter-peter, milquetoast(y), misogamy, misogyny, Miss Nancy, Miss Thing, Miss Tijuana, misses, missionary, missionary position, missus, moll hunter, money trick, money-honey, moniliasis, monogamy, mother-in-law, motorcycle, mount, Mr. Horner, Mr. Right, mucky duck, mucky pup, mutton-monger, muttoner, mysandry, nail, nancy boy, needle-dick, negrera, ninnies-splitter, nipple, no spring flower, no-nuts, non-conforming gender, nonconforming gender, noose, Norman Normal, nothin cock, nothing cock, nut-rock, nuts, nympho, old baldy, old blind Bob, old codger, old fashioned way, old goat, old goat-peter, old hat, old lady, old man, old one-eye, old timer, old warty cod, old woman, onanism, oncer, opening, oragenital sex, oral copulation (of the penis), oral eroticism, oral genitalism, oral sex, oral stimulation, oral-genital sex, oralism, oscar, other woman, the, p's and q's, packing heat, packs a ton, he, packs a wallop, he, padded bra, padding, paederast, paederasty, pair, palooka, panel house, paper ass, paramour, parlor lizard, party, past his prime, paste, Patess, pay papa, pecs, pects, pederast, pederastic marriage, pederasty, pee-dee, peel one's best end in, peepee hole, penal dick, pencil dick, penile colony, penis, penis envy, penis equivalent, penis femineus, penis muliebris, penis size, perianal area, phallocrat, philanderer, pick-up artist, pickup, pilgrim, pills, pimped down, pimple-prick, pin, pine, pinup boy, pissing someone off, pissworm, play rub-belly, play the flute, play the skin flute, playboy, playgirl, playing canasta, playing chopsticks, playing solitaire, playmate, plug, plugging, pocket twister, pod juice, pole vaulting, ponce, poncess, poodle queen, poofy, poon hound, pop, popular with the ladies, pornography, possesh, Post coitum triste omni est, post-coital tristesse, pot and pan, prairie oysters, pray with the knees upwards, predator, pregnant, premature ejaculator, prick-juice, prick-scourer, prick-skinner, prick-tease, prick-teaser, prigger, princepessa, procurer, promiscuous, proper Casanova, a, proposition, prospector, prostate, prostitute, prostitute-versus-madonna syndrome, prostitution, protector, proud, prune person, pull a train, pull in your horns, pull-over, pulling the train, pump one's pickle, pump your nads, punker, pursonality papa, pussy-whipped, quail hunter, queen, queen bee, queen for a day, queen triad, queen's tanks, queener, queerie, quicunque vult, quim-sticker, rake, Ramona Rottencrotch, rancid flower, raspberry, rear entry, rejection, relationship, rhubard, ribald gent, ride the spike, ride the wild pony, riding in another mans saddle, riding St. George, riding the bitch's seat, ring around the rosey, RM, Romeo, romp, rooster, rose between two thorns, rounder, rout, rubber tire, rump-splitter, run after, rutter, sack chaser, sandwich, sausage sandwich, saving it, scelerophobia, schtup, scorekeeper, scrotcher, seducer, see a dog about a man, see a man about a dog, semen, senility, senoreater, seven year itch, sewing circle, sex, sex appeal, sex drive, sex hormones, sex machine, sex monger, sex position, sex-chauvinist, sexist, sextortioner, sexual ego, sexual intercourse, sexual object, sexual organs, sexual position, sexual relations, sexually focused chronologically gifted individual, sexually transmitted disease, shag artist, shake up, share bed and board, Sheik, shit-house, shit-palm, shithouse, shot betwixt wind and water, shot up the straight, shoving a sausage up Regent Street, shoving it into the Lincoln Tunnel, shtup, shunamitism, side dish, sightseer, silent epidemic, silent flute, simulsex, simulsexual, sin, single man, single woman, sis, sissies, sissy, sitter, sixty-nine, skin flute, skin the live rabbit, skin-diver, skivvies, skivvy, slap and tickle, sleep with, slice of damp, slick chick, sloppy seconds, slowie, slug, smell-smock, smockster, smooching, smooth article, smooth operator, smoothie, snake, snatch, snow queen, socket money, sodoma imperfecta, sodomite, sodomy, soft chancre, soiled senior citizen, Solomon, son of Venus, soul sauce, sow one's wild oats, spaneria, spare rib, spare tire, spark, sparker, sparking, spermatic juice, sperminator, spider lady, spill, spinach queen, spintra, spit, spoons, sportsman, spread for someone, spread your legs, Spunky, squaw man, stacked, stag, stag hag, stag mag, stare, stickman, stinky, stone butch, straight lay, stud, Studgitarius, studhammer, stuff a turkey, stuffy, Stumpy, stup, succubus, sugar bowl, sugar daddy, sugar honey, sugar papa, sugar-cookie, supper-jet, sweater girl, sweet meat, sweet papa, sweethearting, sweetman, swinger, swordfighting, swordsman, T boy, T man, T-room, table-for-twoing, taco queen, tail juice, tail sister, tailless, take in beef, take in cream, take it in, take the starch out of, talent, tallywhacker, tamale-pie eater, tanpon it long, tantaleur, tantaleuse, tardagen, tarzoon, tattoo boy, tea room, tea room trade, tea-hound, teahouse, teahouse of the August moon, tearoom, tearoom trade, temptation, temptress, Texas longhorn, Thomas, three-inch fool, three-layer cake, three-legged, three-legged bloomers, three-way broad, three-way frail, threesies, threesome, thrill, thriller, throbbing, tightie whities, Tijuana queen, tinkler-belle, tired-old thing, tit man, tit-fucker, tits man, titter, titty bug, titty-freak, tom, tomcat, tomcat with three balls, tommy, town b, town bike, town pump, town punch, town tramp, TP, trading post, tranny hawk, transgendered, transgressively gendered, transmale, transman, trapper, triangle, trichomoniasis, trim, trimming the hedges, triolism, triple crown, triple header, triple penetration, triple play, troilism, tug-mutton, tummy-tickler, tun, turn on, turn over, turn up one's tail, turnover, twat hair, twat-crazy, twat-happy, twilight boys, twilight lads, twinkboner, twixter, two-fisted, two-mama papa, twofer, unisex, unnatural, unwritten law, uptown gal, uranian, uranist, usurper, uttana-bandha, vagina, vagina dentata, vaginal yeast infection, vamp, vampire, Vaseline Villa, venereal sore, Venus with a penis, Viagra junkie, vibrating masturbator, view master, view queen, village bicycle, village bike, village people, virgin, virile, virtuoso of the skin flute, vital statistics, vive la différence, wack, wack off, wagtail, walk-up fuck, walking hard-on, walking the street(s), walking tripod, wandering hand, wanton, wap, war paint, Was it good for you too?, Watering the Oak Tree, well-endowed, well-equipped, well-furnished, well-hung, well-loaded, wencher, western, wet, wet and willing, Wet Cuddles, wet deck(s), wet dream, wet dream-girl, wet noodle, wet-on, wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am, what's-his-name, wheelchair set, whipped, whisker splitter, whiskey dick, white owl, whole, whoopee, whore-hopper, whorehound, whoremaster, whoremonger, whoreson, wife, wild ride on the baloney pony, willie, wimmin, wimpy dick, wind-jammer, wolf, wolf whistle, wolfess, wolfish, woman's home companion, woman-chaser, woman-on-top position, womanizer, wommon, womyn, woodworker, WTM, X.Y.Z., XYZ, yard, yeast infection, young blade, young buck, yummies, zipless fuck, zipper morals, zoo number, zoophobia, zulubruiser

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